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Excellent services response time, manage to come within 4 hours and solve the problem. Thank you!

Mr Chan from Pengerang Construction site office

18 Jan 2018

Great product quality, compare the old copier. This is faster, and more convenience to us. It did increase our work productivity and efficiency.

Ms Lim from Mount Austin Lawyer Firm

7 Mar 2018

Good Services!! Deliver copier within 3 working day. Good condition and function well!!

Miss Wong from Eco Business Park Food Processing Factory.

20 Mar 2018

Reasonable and Affordable Pricing. It help us save up to 50% monthly fee. And after sales services very prompt.

Puan Siti from Senai Plastic Manufacturing.

19 Jun 2018

First, I want to thanks Folo Tech solved our printing problem that trouble us few months. The services and attitudes is very professional and efficiency. I strongly recommend company to choose Folo Tech as your office printing partner.

Mr. Morgandas from Bukit Indah Security Company

5 Jul 2018

Good color quality, Less break down time, it help me completed the job faster.

Mrs Cheng from Desa Cemerlang Advertising Company

20 Aug 2018

I was using an outdated copier for few years, and recently cost me RM500 - RM1000 per month to repair the copier. After using Folo Tech services, the monthly fee save 30% and i have no more worries about the break down. They send the technical staff checking every month and fast response time when copier having problem. Highly Recommended!!

Mr. Tan from Setia Indah Tuition Center

17 Dec 2018

使用了 folo tech的复印机将近一年,很少出现问题。Technician每个月都会准时上门检查。这让我们能够专注予本身的生意。

Mr Tang from Desa Cemerlang

3 Sep 2018

我们本身对于复印机没什么要求,只要能印的出来,清楚就行了。但是folo tech的专业让我大开眼界。尽管我们的要求非常简单,他还是细心的了解我们公司的打印习惯,教导我们一些之前没用过的功能,让我们现在的工作效率更高更快!谢谢你!

Miss Ang from Taman Johor Jaya

19 Nov 2018

Good after sales services, follow up frequently after installation. Ensure that we are familiar with the photocopier.

Fahan from Tebrau II

17 Dec 2018

My company been using FOLO TECH for 6 months, fast services when problem happen. Recommend for new start up business. Good pricing and negotiable.

5 Feb 2019

Triple GOOD for FOLO TECH. Good Services, Good Product, Good Management!

I am very satisfied with the method of approach customer. They find out customer problem, needs and wants. Providing solution and explain in details with patience.

7 Apr 2019

My firm have been using the Ricoh from FOLO TECH for over TWO years. During the last 10 years as a firm of solicitors, I can recommend this COMPANY as the best that we have used in comparison even to recent TOSHIBA photocopying machines.

Miss Chan Lawyer Firm In Bukit Indah

18 May 2019

I would have no hesitation in recommending FOLOT ECH for the supply and service of photocopiers. The service we receive is first class and we receive a consistent maximum four hour response TIME.

Mr Teo From Manufacturing Factory in Pasir Gudang

27 Jul 2019

As a retail chain store, photocopier performance is very crucial, we need to print on demand and update the print tag frequently. That why a reliable services provider such as FOLO TECH SDN BHD is the best option for us. When we encounter any print issues, technician fast react and onsite checking for the problem. Most of the issues can be solved immediately.

Mohd Kharul From retail chain store manager

13 Aug 2019

I am a tuition center teacher by teaching more than 200 secondary students. I need to print around 1000 pages worksheets every day. Folo tech provide us a good quality copier with seldom break down

Mr Tey From JB

14 SEP 2019

EPSON Photocopier is user friendly and better quality compare to Laser Printer. Thanks for FOLOTECH recommend this product to us.

Mr. Ryane From Mount Austin

10 OCT 2019

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